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The 2017 in review

“When Tradition is Forcibly Overturned” Just before the year 2017’s end on December 27th-New York Times published an article titled “THE LAST MAN TO SPEAK HIS LANGUAGE”. Intutu Peru: Amedeo Garcia rushed up the river in his canoe, slipping in … Continue reading

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The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s OWN natural desires to learn

I have a confession to make, I am neither a rightist or leftist nor a libertarian and if for some odd reason I may seem one or the other that’s because there is a great misjudgment of who I might … Continue reading

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Mohsen Post-discussion Comments regarding Killing the Host

“The Capitalistic Culture Making Crony Capitalism Worse”,   Of the most misinformations that the public possess is the lack of knowledge or the will to learn, such examples are “Democracy versus Communism” “Capitalism versus Socialism” “Heroes versus Villains” a society … Continue reading

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Mohsen’s Post-Discussion comments about BAD PAPER: The Game of Cutthroat

Sid, your suggestion that economical indebtedness may not apply to the book club members is the opposite, all consumers unanimously are contributors to every effect of economy, from A to Z, since there would be no indebtedness without human participation. … Continue reading

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Mohsen’s Post-Discussion Comments about THIS BOY’S LIFE

My first assumption was that This Boy’s Life was a biography but represented as a memoir, however, after several back and forth discussions and debates with several of you, I came away with a different understanding, as Ron P. made … Continue reading

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Mohsen comments regarding BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK

Let me start by clarifying couple of things, as I place my comments among yours it may seem that as of late some of my comments maybe from a passionate side or an activist perspective, well, perhaps a bit of … Continue reading

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THE PRICE OF MANIFEST DESTINY: War and American Expansionism, 1800-1865

In my excitement I had mistakenly began to read Alan Le May’s Searchers instead of Glen Frankel’s Searchers, and what a big difference, history versus entertainment, one writer depicting the earlier frontier events that helped shape a country versus the … Continue reading

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Mohsen comments on December Book Discussion

I must first make a historical correction on comments made during our discussion by David S in regards of the French/Persian (Iran) relationship. Though today’s France is viewed with caution by the present Iranian Government, there has never been a … Continue reading

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The Big Bang Theory

If the Big Bang theory is true to it’s means and ALL was founded through the evolutionary period, then how is it that the humans of this same foundation do not respect their habitat. Or if all was created by … Continue reading

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Mohsen post-discussion comments about Assassination

It seems that throughout time humans found the need to have leaders who would lead their lives to greater prosperity, and when the chosen leaders cannot meet their promised themes, through outrage and revolt are removed and replaced at all … Continue reading

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