The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s OWN natural desires to learn

I have a confession to make, I am neither a rightist or leftist nor a libertarian and if for some odd reason I may seem one or the other that’s because there is a great misjudgment of who I might be and what I believe in. And it wasn’t long ago that I was referred to as “passive/aggressive“, no not a mistaken identity but perhaps an untimely judgement of me. And I hope you will not find my commentary out of character because its neither “left nor right” nor “passive/aggressive” but an independent viewpoint and not as portrayed in our last Global Warming/Climate Change blog commentaries. Which prompted me to respond accordingly. And while at times my comments may seem provocative, rest assure non is intended. I have always appreciated each and every one of you and value your perspectives and solely believe you have taught me a thing or two, even when at opposite sides.


Alright, by now most of you know I oppose the Climate Change and Global Warming issues and the way it has been “PRESENTED” over the last decade or so, However, I have never found it necessary to enforce my perspectives upon someone else and have never felt it necessary to derivatively challenge another’s artistic opinion, even when at complete opposite. So, let me recap my ignorance and your wisdom.


1), I do not believe humans with its less then 1% of all the nature’s forces can alter all that beholds the nature’s powers. An Earth that should include the Earth’s “ENTIRE” solar systems and its Universes as well, which is as responsible for Earth’s survival as the Earth itself. But perhaps Peter F. said it best, “All humans alike at least should NOT contribute to destroy their nature. *Perhaps we could’ve learn a thing or two from Ron P’s book select, “The Spell of Sensuous”.


2), But, my ignorance tells me that most often we offer a verbal solution but not the will to practice what we preach, thus finger pointing becomes an escape goat for the “US and the WE” rather then “I and ME“. Furthermore, I find most Si Fi writers have persuaded the Si Fi readers as knowledgeable preachers. Therefore, most often the self claimed wannabe experts bore me with Psychology of things rather factual proof, and it has become easier to curse out an opposing idea then to actually listen and learn all the balances that help shape life’s phenoms.

*An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing*


3), Recapping my past comments and perspectives, you will find while I have never claimed to be an “STOUTLYClimatologist or a GlobalistEXPERT“, I do not bore an opposing idea with computer models as true factual data. “Science is Evolutionary and Scientist must be too”, and neither is perfect either. So it baffles me to hear Science and Scientist are perfectos, thus, dismissing all their trials, turbulences and mishaps. But perhaps my ignorance has taken the best of me that I do not follow those 1st time Quick Draw-McGraw newspaper specialist and their followers with that fine tuned typewriters “sorry PC’s to convince me of their expert SiFi info.


4), Yesss, I also believe in Conspiracy Theory. And 9/11 is such an example; that in no way 19 Camel Jockeys with only Crop-duster flight training, highjacked a Boeing 747, without detection and flew it 6730.43 miles clear across the Atlantic Ocean, bypassing the World’s most sophisticated radar system and crashed it into the biggest city in the United States of America, and almost another hour later (9:43am) followed yet by a second highjacked Boeing airplane, crashing it into one of the most important government buildings in America “the Pentagon” without any recoverable evidence left behind, You would think there would be a radar or two detecting this one. And as amazing as it was, some 7 HOURS LATER in a 7 second span a 741‘ tall building (#7) collapsed due to earthquake seismic activity, really? Also noted, there were no airplane highjacking reports either. An never mind that a 4th Boeing passenger airplane highjacked from Logan International Airpot undetected with 158 passengers on board crashed into the grounds below without much trace left behind.


*The Twin Towers Square which neighbors, “Saint Nicolas Greek Orthodox Church” founded in 1916 and The Twin TowersUS Postal Service Building” founded 1912 both survived the seismic rumblings/tumblings, both buildings were on national historical preservation protection, but neither was structurally upgraded to sustain an earthquake, yet both survived with only minor glass damage. And no other structures surrounding the Twin Towers Complex sustained irreparable damage, Furthermore, there were no reports of any earthquake activity or seismic shocks waves Period………


Yet, comparing the seismic activities and the Richter Scale numbers of the Southern Mexico’s 5.1 aftershocks, it caused numerous structural damages to the region, so if the WTC buildings were given a tiny bit of the required earthquake structural prevention support, it would have required a much greater seismic activity to come crashing down. But I should accept the fact that without Engineering knowledge, one would easily conclude otherwise.

*The reason Scientist cannot forecast long term predictions is because, it requires them to know a lot of information they don’t have, that includes Earthquakes, Weather Pattern, etc. “Stanford University Professor Greg Beroza”, per NY Times.


5), My ignorance also tells me there’s great confusion of what “Science” is and who qualifies as “Scientist” versus a researcher. You see, an idea or theory does not always equate to Science or Scientific findings. I thought a Scientist was a person who has great knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences. There are also two groups of Scientist, “a laboratory experimentalist where based on a given assignment, physically experiments his idea in to physical realism, say a Chemist, Pharmacist, and/or a certain Engineering, etc. The other, a field Scientist, who actually experiments his discoveries through personal examination of his findings, an Archaeologist, Geologist, Agriculturist, etc.


Yes, I have found my self at crossroads with Ron on many issues but I wholeheartedly agree with him and his assessment of self motivators and that’s why Al Gore is always on top of my list of scam artist, I would also include most MSM and the entertainment complex and their interest parties. As for the Climate Change “Hoax” I’m not a proof reader or a copy editor, sadly though, its not about the topic anymore. Selectiveness is a worldwide human practice and not just applicable to certain regions, religions, political forums or individuals and their experiences.

“WE ALL choose independently and decide which is right and which is an illusion”


Ron’s Geographical modulation of Religious acceptance and/or rejection and human adaptation Psychology needs some revising as well. Religion and Science are based on one factual point, they both seek the same, “life’s beginning”, each PROFESS relentlessly the same but claim to have the right answer. “One, an eternal single self creator, the other 20 billions years or so of self creation”. With each enforcing a different teaching method, thus placing both on a collision course. And of course life in Idaho differs from that of say, New Orleans or New York City. Each society creates its needs based on its natural habitats. Humans adapt to necessities first as a means of survival, clinging even to falsehood as only moral support of their pretentious kit.


However, in today’s social migratory world “origin” does not even come close to equative religious values. Therefore, Mississippi or any other Western society’s capitalistic life does differentiates from that of an Asian &/or European Dictatorship. For example the modern Westerners find the convenience to pay their religious homage without leaving their car, “driveinn Jesus“, but really is that a true believer, a devout God loving person, following ones mother’s footsteps?


6), Political choices are mostly enforced ideas and seldom an inheritance and is often coerced by Psychological manipulations and not necessarily ones 1st choice. And most often the oppressed become the oppressor with totally different set of values. For example; most Russians accepted Bolshevikism to separate themselves from Czarist oppression, Germans embraced Nazism through Psychological manipulation, Dictatorships are often the works of the oppressed becoming the oppressor, Socialist governments often offer propaganda equality and welfare programs, “free lunch”. Take your pick and categorize them as you see fit, “Romans, Mongols, Greeks, French, British, Spaniard, Ottomans, yes, even America”.


However, there are topics that have even taken progression by surprise, perhaps part of today’s life or truly mankind’s future. Take Sexuality for example, Human has achieved robotic human models but not emotional replication, yet, it has become a norm to advocate a confusion between oneself “XX and XY’s” physical genes. And whenever a shared conversation takes place the most reliable answers are, *its a proven Scientific fact.


And yes, I do believe in the Grassy Knoll conspiracy theories and not the lone gunman. And if you must say humbug, then how come the anxiously long awaited October 2017 official release of the lone gunman files “JUST WENT MISSINGperiod………….


So, if this is what one calls Scientific evidence and proof, I want no part of it but if it’s “WISDOM”, please keep it to yourself and spare me the ignorance, Sadly though, it is what it is, we live in a world of segregated, subdivided society under self preservation of modern civility. *

*We Learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way*


7), Here’s some of my top Scientist of all time. Albert Einstein (Jumped Ship for the Money), Nikola Tesla (at least has a car named after him), Dr. Victor Frankenstein (forever a Hollywood Victim), Alchemist Vlad Dracul (nowadays a Halloween Costumes Character) and Stephen Hawking (My Unanimous Unspoken Hero). Whether transparency or taboo, there are two sides to every spectrum. One painted the ugly & the bad, the other-the good and placed in the victor’s circle.

*The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see*


8), And frankly our recent GLOBAL WARMING/Climate Change conversations should not have resorted to Trump or Psychological evaluations of ones research method, or slanderous comments of Pope. As for Rush Limbaugh, well, not long ago the Wall Street Journal and company hailed Mr. Limbaugh a symbol broadcaster for his derogative commentaries of then President Obama and rewarded him a whopping 10 year extension worth nearly $50 million dollars, while labeling him the brave and the outspoken. “It also would be nicer to read what Pope Francis actually said and why the MSM has chosen to exemplify him as an outsider”


9), And yet again, another misunderstanding seems to be the order of the typos, whether by design or not, hearing sounds is not true listening, and I do realize humans choose and pick what they want to hear. As for the matter of Evolution or Not”, here’s where I stand, allow everyone their right to CHOOSE or BELIEVE their perpetual choice and in no way have I advocated against another’s choice. However, I constantly hear from both sides of spectrum that the other side is wrong, which is what I am opposed to. Funny I chose to title 2017, the year of Everything Evolution. And it seems everyone has a gripe and is trying to convince everyone else of their presumptuous misery.


10), And not long ago, in a slip of the tongue it was revealed “No Student Can Teach a Teacherthat such ideas wereMarxistthinking, a grave tragedy. Just like our nature all Humans alike posses certain values that separates them from one another, and it should be accepted among life’s beauties, you’d think that we were all once a pigeon before becoming self claimed proprietors, weren’t you one?

*It is not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. *It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless*


And finally here are few of the one sided conversations displayed with no compromise, A), Its a proven fact because Science said so. B),”The IPCC report”, I’ve only read 5 minutes of it. C),”The NIST 911 Gov’t report”, I haven’t read it yet but here it is “the official government report” and that’s proof enough for me. D), The University of Texas Climatology Department, “The Earth Flat-line thinkers”. E) And the most baffling of them all, if the Global Warming disasters wipe out (30% reduced to) 25% of human population, it will make life better for the remaining survivors, “sorry that I don’t subscribe to such prophesy”. F), Most entertaining 1-1/2 hour since the Jehovah Witness invitation and The YouTube audio was so poor on my PC? G), your information source’s a jerk and I’m not going to post your comments on our our blog site”. Perhaps this is an example of the Dying Art of Disagreement


Funny how we assume our choices value greater than someone’s choice. MSNBC over Fox? Christianity but not Jehovah Witness? Saudi Arabia Vs. Mississippi? It wasn’t long ago that Mormonism was on the same exclusionary list as well, and we mustn’t omit that newspapers no longer exist and the Alt-right/Internet is practically owned by same MSM conglomerates, with a grand total of 6 giants owning almost everything on site, with GE leading the way, So, it’s obvious MSNBC is an exclusive to the mothership. Amy Goodman, an ex-respectable MSM is now an Altright, therefore, an “Inclusion to Isolation”.

11), Alright, I confess, I READ LEW ROCKWELL online newsletter, as well as NYT, WA. PO., FOX, VOX, RT, PRESS TV, AL-JAZEERA, INTERNATIONAL HERALD. WSJ, GUARDIAN, BBC, DAILY MAIL.UK, WIKIPEDIA, USGS, US RECLAMATION DIVISION, BUREAU of MINERAL and MINING DIVISION, BLM, USDA (Foreign Agricultural Services),, United Nations Humanitarian Quarterly and all the fine print. AND as many TEXT BOOKS as possible. I DO NOT read Opinion Editorials. And yes, many times I do use comments made by others if it would better paraphrase my perspectives, similar to some of Ron’s comments, which we both might have read the same but chose to display our thoughts otherwise.

*My mind prefers simplicity, I prefer to understand the basics first, then details, followed by anomalies.


Perhaps comments posted on the book club’s blog site should’ve been titled under “Infantile” Psychology of human thinking. And here are some suggestions before we make fashionable statements and call it proven facts, perhaps we could start by……

1), Making sure we understand the problem.

2), Make a plan to solve the problem.

3), Carry out the plan.

4), Check our work to test our answer.


And let me humble you by quoting a few words from a pigeon or two, perhaps a discourse among two respectable colleagues.


A child can teach an adult three things:

*To be happy for no reason.

*To always be curious.

*To fight tirelessly for something.








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