The Big Bang Theory

If the Big Bang theory is true to it’s means and ALL was founded through the evolutionary period, then how is it that the humans of this same foundation do not respect their habitat. Or if all was created by a single hand of one “God”, then how is it, that he would allow his billions of years of creations be destroyed.

Or is it that whether all was created through nature’s own evolution or a single God,
that it’s destructions are part of a greater project manipulation, the shaping and reshaping of the universes.

At book club discussion I had cautiously prepared my self for a different outcome, an outcome of challenging debates, cohere-sing of manipulated ideas and presumed theories as how to save the World from destruction from one of it’s own species,
“The Human”

Friedrich Hayek’s assertion that knowledge is not dispersed evenly to all” and “comments are free and facts are expensive”, “that you either join the revolt or stand of the wrong side of history” is also wrong.

Perhaps some credit is due to the skeptics of the matter of Global Warming who may lack the will or may be confused to further investigate the bi-product presented by so many hands, refusing to sort out the valid information from the invalid.

I will admit I came away impressed, that arguably most comments made were for the betterment of our living standards (Today and not Tomorrow), taking positive actions has by far greater impact than spoken words.

The environment we live in is a singular entity that has many evolving partners, and everyone is a contributor and a benefactor to certain magnitude of the outcome of it’s circumstances, one must accept that the universe does not belong to an individual or entity, that human civilization must not be measured by individuality or preferred benefactors, and must not be labeled by an ownership.

Educating all publics must expand throughout the world we all share, and The Western Societies must not presume that certain privileges apply to their preferred societies, see no further than the Japanese earthquake triggered Tsunami, and it’s devastation that was felt throughout continents.

Sustainability is living within our means, without losing our life qualities, life’s amenities cannot be measured by the consumption of the material World. Therefore, the free-for-all lifestyles must be revised to meet the environment’s requirements and not the human demands.

Nature is reproductive and does reproduce it’s self, however, perhaps due to human ignorance to the nature’s ability to reproduce and replace the excessive human consumption is due to man’s acceptance that his or her life is short lived, and thus not place long term values to the nature’s inability to replenish the excessive waste.

I first viewed television about age 8 or 9 years old, used a refrigerator at the age of 13, my first cellphone encounter was the year 2000 or when I was 52 years old, I was a better reader and a skillful writer with artistic hand writing before owning my first computer the year 1992, oh how spoiled I have become.
“Adaptation is a human specialty” Man must not take life for granted.

Dear David, I plan to take your suggestion and write a serious of positive awareness commentaries of the environment and citizenry re-adaptation,  Compromise without struggles and positive approach with balance.


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