Mohsen comments on December Book Discussion

I must first make a historical correction on comments made during our discussion by David S in regards of the French/Persian (Iran) relationship. Though today’s France is viewed with caution by the present Iranian Government, there has never been a direct assault of any kind ever ever by the French governments against Persia (before 1925) or Iran thereafter.

However, the United Kingdom/England has always been on a continuous opposition to Persian//Iranian interest, with a temporary mini occupation during World War II, furthermore historically the French have had a greater influence on the Iranian people then any other Western State as the two nations began cultural and business trades beginning the 1600 century.

Furthermore, in response to a question by Sid W regarding the Iranian female in general and their position in Iran, there are numerous differences between a Western female and an Eastern female, today’s western societies require equal opportunity through economical social values, where the Iranian/Eastern female demand cultural social skill, an objective unfamiliar to the western values, mothers are also known as family matriarch and are on higher esteemed level and the driving force and motivation inspiratory of the society’s social structures. A view difficult to accept if one has not experienced living among the people of other cultures.

I also enjoyed the recent writings by our fellow members describing “life and it’s meaning” so I thought I place mine among yours.

I Mohsen, think the meaning of life is the combination of every individual human experiences. Whether we have directly experienced it or not, we assume individually and apply it to our momentary presumptuous needs. Humans also describe their presumptuous purpose or the existence of their lives through dreams and rhetoric which may be “How one hopes to claim their life value”

There is one absolute fact that “no one has the power to predict or claim control of their life at birth”, however since humans live side by side they have adapted to label their life differently, “through words” thus every individual values his or her life’s meaning or purpose greater then the next person’s life, humans also dream their future experiences as dreams, and call it hope, wish or planning.

In summery I couldn’t help to read both books from a Middle Eastern cultural perspective, an old time story-telling fairy-tale rather than a mystery solving puzzle, as I did not see much detective work, then again Zujj was never able to tell his side of story before his time.

And I did not sense much poetry written by either writer, however I was fascinated to listen to some of the discussing panel share their poetic viewpoint, it also seemed that Kamel Daoud focused more on speaking on behalf of the victim’s brother and mother rather than the victim himself, perhaps the writer’s own admiration for a mother and the eldest brother was a reason to focus more on the subjects.

The book also brought flashbacks and memories of the French/Algerian colonial occupation, and I couldn’t help comparing notes of Zujj’s burial with that of Lee Harvey Oswald. I enjoyed translating the various character names both writers used.

And finally, I met the New York Times best seller recommend? author “Simon Winchester” and his wife in Seattle for his latest book signing “Pacific” a generalized pacific ocean geologic climate writing? which I must admit my disappointment as Mr. Winchester described his book in the most unexpected fashion “BUY-IT, BUY-IT, BUY-IT”, without a word of encouragement.

When searching Google or Wikipedia of Mr. Winchester’s education credentials, he is credited with great geological background, however, through his own words, he has recently taken interest and schooling in geology and said that he is not a geologist, however, I was baffled as to why the exaggerated credits.


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