Stirling Reactions to Brent Willock Book

Stirling Smith and Brent Willock. Photo taken “a few years ago”

I did not know when this photo was taken that my friend Brent would end up writing a book in later life. Here are some of my reactions to his book.

It is not comforting to understand that just below our everyday conscious veneer of civility there could lie a volcano of anger and aggression that can be but a bad sleep away and out of our control.

Further, that this border from potential mayhem is contained by a neural muscular blockade that is in part developmental.

More, that schadenfreude can possibly be one of the default modes of the compromised psyche in sleep.

All this and more you may come to consider with the reading of Brent Willock’s The Wrongful Conviction of Oscar Pistorius.

This book makes a segue to the subconscious, Sleep Medicine and our looming general mental health crisis all rolled up in an inexplicable human tragedy.
The implications are edifying, thought provoking and a challenge.

Stirling Smith

About stirlingsmith

Retired Physician
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