September 2018 Selection: Billy Collins

At our September meeting we will discuss a book selected by Ron Powers:

Billy Collins, AIMLESS LOVE, NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, copyright 2013.

About Ron Boothe

I am a Professor Emeritus at Emory University, currently living in Tacoma Washington USA.
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2 Responses to September 2018 Selection: Billy Collins

  1. Ron Powers says:

    I thought our members might get a kick out of the attached You Tube video. It takes about two minutes of your time.

    But first, get your copy of “Aimless Love,” turn to page 32, and then start the video below. Impressive 3 year old!

    Best, Ron

    3-year-old recites poem, “Litany” by Billy Collins

    • David Gilmour says:

      Quite incredible, with inflection implying understanding in a casual, almost absent-minded expression, since he’s obviously preoccupied with some toy. The iron on the ironing board is a beautiful, mundane detail in the video. Who will memorize his Collins’ selection as well as that tyke and know it in his bones? –David

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