Jonathan Carr’s Mahler: A Life

At our May 2016 meeting we will discuss Bill Hagens’ selection:

Jonathan Carr, Mahler: A Life, Overlake Press, 1998. (Also published as Mahler: A biography and The Real Mahler)

Bill provides the following information about his selection
As we proceed, I’ll comment on Mahler’s life and music with specific links to YouTube availability.

My job will be not only to inform but also to entertain. I hope I succeed.



About Ron Boothe

I am a Professor Emeritus at Emory University, currently living in Tacoma Washington USA.
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3 Responses to Jonathan Carr’s Mahler: A Life

  1. Bill Hagens says:

    I’ve learned it’s difficult getting Carr’s book on Mahler. And apparently, it’s not on kindle.

    Norman LeBrecht’s Why Mahler?: How One Man and Ten Symphonies Changed Our World is a good alternative and it is on kindle.

  2. Bill Hagens says:

    Click here for a word file that contains links to all of Mahler’s music with annotations to works specific to our discussions.

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