October Selection: Breath by Tim Winton

At our October 2015 meeting we will discuss Burk’s selection, Breath. Burk provides the following information about his selection:


Breath is a novel by the Australian author Tim Winton. I am not in the habit of reading Aussie authors but two favorable reviews prompted me to go out and buy it. I recently read an essay with a title something like “In Praise of Doing Nothing.” which appealed to me. It seems that in this current age of constant bombardment by electronic communication we need to set aside time for doing nothing. The reviews praised Winton’s writing style but I do not think any mentioned it was a novel about doing nothing. In a sense it is.

This is a book about surfing (waves not computers please!); something I have never done and never expect to do. It is set in Western Australia a place where I have several friends (Perth) and visited in 2009. Although I was at the coast a few times I do not remember any surfers.

So sit back my fellow blokes and spend some time Down Under doing nothing but waiting for the perfect wave. I hope you enjoy the ride.




About Ron Boothe

I am a Professor Emeritus at Emory University, currently living in Tacoma Washington USA.
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One Response to October Selection: Breath by Tim Winton

  1. rsmaby says:

    Check out the documentary “Storm Surfers”. It captures a lot of the psychology of surfers, not as deeply as “Breath”, but a nice complement to the book with great photography. It is available on Netflix and other places as well.

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