Neil follow-up Remarks about Lakoff

I have prepared a few additional follow-up remarks about our recent discussion of George Lakoff books. They are in the form of a PDF file that can be viewed by clicking here. (Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it might take several seconds to download into your Adobe reader app.)

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  1. David Gilmour says:

    I recently ran across an article that provides an interesting history of the change from education to make citizens informed and thoughtful about the country they want to education for the privileged in order that they can get the good jobs and make gobs of money.

    Alan Taylor, The Virtue of an Educated Voter, The American Scholar, Autumn 2016 issue, p. 18-27.

    In this timely article Taylor asks, “How Did We get Here?”, and explains “how the founding fathers warned us uneducated voters make us vulnerable to reckless demagogues.”

    This would have been great reading for the past decades of Civics classes, and right now it looks like a perfect article for Humanities classes which are core-focused on The Constitution and various American Papers. The discussion about values of education and virtues of the citizen are directly relevant to our book club discussions of Neil’s selection, George Lakoff books. It is also relevant to our discussion a while back of Ron’s selection, George Anderson, about the man who wrestled with a bad conscience because he had failed to confront Rumsfeld about use of torture during the George Bush administration.

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