January selection: The Lost Steps (1953)

At our January 7, 2014 meeting we will discuss David Gilmour’s selection,

Alejo Carpentier, The Lost Steps, first published in Spanish in 1953. English translations are available for those of us who do not read Spanish.

David Gilmour provides the following information about his selection:
My choice for January 2014 will best be hunted down in used-book stores or on-line: The Lost Steps (Los Pasos Perdidos) by Alejo Carpentier, a Cuban novelist of the 50s. English translations that contains J.B Priestley’s introductory essay will be better than those without. The edition I have has the translation by Harriette de Onis, introduction by J.B. Priestley (Avon Books) 1979. There are bound to be others. The author was born in Havana in 1904, taught music and cultural history, anthropology. The French were enamored of his works and he won literary prizes there. J.B. Priestly, a critical reviewer when he wanted, called Carpentier’s novel a “work of genius, a genuine masterpiece.” He even thanked the American publishers’ for their bravery in putting out an edition of the work, seeing that things Cuban were considered contraband in that time. I hope the club thinks it a change of style, more traditional modernistic composition, and a great story of cultural transition and psychic transformation. Music lovers will enjoy it immensely. South America and the Andean Heights for a change of culture.



About Ron Boothe

I am a Professor Emeritus at Emory University, currently living in Tacoma Washington USA.
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