April Selection: The Global Political Economy of Israel (2002)

At our April 2, 2013 meeting we will discuss the book selected by Stirling Smith:

The Global Political Economy of Israel by Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler, published by Pluto Press in 2002.

Since a lot of significant economic developments have happened since the publication of this book over 10 years ago, Stirling recommends that in preparation for our discussion we also listen to the 2-part radio interview with Nitzan:

Rethinking Capital (Two-Part Radio Interview with Jonathan Nitzan)

Rethinking Capital (Two-Part Radio Interview with Jonathan Nitzan)
Soong, C. S. and Nitzan, Jonathan. (2012). Against the Grain, KPFA 94.1 FM. 11 & 13 June. (Interview; English).

Available for download:
(Part 1 — MP3 audio, File size: 48.1 MB)

(Part 2 — MP3 audio, File size: 49.2 MB)

Alternative Locations:

http://www.againstthegrain.org/program/565/id/231204/mon-6-11-12-rethinking-capital, http://www.againstthegrain.org/program/567/id/241542/wed-6-13-12-capital-power-life-gone-viral

Abstract or Brief Description

FROM THE PROGRAM PAGE: “If capital accumulation is the single most important process of capitalism, then what is capital? We all might assume capital is an economic entity rooted in production and consumption, but Jonathan Nitzan claims otherwise. In Part One of the interview he argues that capital is, instead, a mode of power. He also describes the separation of economics from politics and the bifurcation of the economy into the real and nominal spheres. In Part Two, Nitzan brings up corporate profit-taking, the sabotage by capitalists of industry, and conflicts over energy. He also contends that the concept of the economy as a distinct, objective category needs to be discarded.”

Part One: 52 minutes

Part Two: 32 minute

In addition, there are a number of the online youtube videos that feature more recent talks and discussions by Nitzan and Bichler. These can easily be found by doing an internet search using the keywords “youtube and Nitzen and Bichler”.


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I am a Professor Emeritus at Emory University, currently living in Tacoma Washington USA.
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4 Responses to April Selection: The Global Political Economy of Israel (2002)

  1. Jim Robbins says:


  2. Burk Ketchum says:

    Burk Haiku

  3. David Gilmour says:

    As I listened to the Diane rehm show this morning, I realized how germane it was to Sterling’s book choice regarding power and who own, s it. The author Jaron Lanier was on today’s show, talking about power and computers. As we discussed it briefly, when ancient literacy of Mesopotamia was new, the kings, priest, and scribes had all the power because they knew the news and sent-received messages of importance before anyone else. No one else knew what was planned or being conducted. Harold Innis of Toronto was one of the first to write perceptively about the importance of literacy in “Empire and Communication”. Marshall McLuhan learned some of his information theories from Innis. Now listen to this discussion about our modern times and Who Owns the Future. It is germane to a couple of books Sterling selected. Our readers who are interested in modern technology, education, and what the future holds will love, I can assure you, to hear this conversation.

  4. Ron Boothe says:

    Interesting column by Paul Krugman’s in today’s NYT with reference to issues we discussed regarding this book.

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