As a friend recently said, whether, his remaining time upon this earth is 5, 10, or 15 more years, something has stuck him, something that we shared hit-home, and that he hoped to pursuit a new path in his life, a path of reaching out to others, hoping to make a positive difference in “the lives of others”, one human being, one other person or perhaps a child.

One of the most important links between humanity and one’s life harmony is “Education”, whether we accumulate Education through life’s experiences or gain our knowledge through books and schooling, that being able to think independently, would enable us to better achieve our way of life.

Paulo Freire, became committed to Educating the impoverished peasants of his native nation, collaborating with them in the pursuit of their liberation from what he regarded as “oppression”, his philosophy of the “banking concept of Education” in which the student was viewed as an empty account to be filled by the teacher.

Freire also suggest that a reciprocity be inserted onto the notion of student teacher, promoting the roles- participatory in the classroom as the teacher/student (a teacher who learns) and the student teacher (a learner who teaches).

Perhaps, Education’s greatest contribution through schooling is the conduit of understanding today’s society and human life, thus helping to prepare one for both life’s achievements and its failure, while reducing most struggles.
That all humankind are both students and teachers alike, regardless of nationality, physical gender, race, religion or political motivation, though, all humans possess different aspiration, that Education and its many combined elements, require all individuals, who may have chosen, certain topic within Education’s entity as whole to learn, through classroom interactive participation.

Whether one system is considered better or worse than another, experiencing a different way of Education can often be considered to be the most important, we can also Educate one another as teachers allowing for no barriers to become an obstacle of hope, of human harmony.

Therefore, while we may not claim-that we do not live our lives for others, that we do agree, we live among others, that we will have an understanding of our surroundings, respect the need and cooperating to survive with others cohesively, so as long as we do not diminish our own survival kit, as cooperative independent individuals, who accept the right of others.


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