Haikus and images inspired by Spell of the Sensuous

As part of our discussion of David Abram’s Spell of the Sensuous, Jim Robbins asked each of us to:
“Please compose a haiku that reveals some aspect of David Abram’s book that you found of particular interest. Match these words (5/7/5 haiku form) with an image to share with the group. The image may be either a photo, a hand drawing, a collage, a photoshop creation, or a three dimensional form.”

I have asked everyone to send what they produced to me, and I will post them here as I receive them.
Jim Robbins

Burk Ketcham

Ron Boothe

Arrowheads found by Ron Boothe while digging in ground near place of his birth, circa 1957.

Arrow Alphabet
Vowels breath’d into the ground
Mind under matter
David Gilmour

Under the Sky

Below Wolf Mountains
Stand great trees rivers rush through;
Fishes leap; Earth seethes.
Ron Powers

Alphabet symbols
Cast the spell of nature’s words
Empty enchantment

Maasai boy, spear, branch,
Serengeti cow herd near

Streams hum quiet songs
Harmonizing with rivers
Cascade symphony

What does this place know?
Who forgot life’s directions?
Why do we feel lost?

A few reactions from Mohsen Mirghanbari about, “THE SPELL OF THE SENSUOUS” (David Abram)

Like all other species, humans were granted the privilege of life, living and sharing all the nature’s amenities, so as long as they would not take more than their share.
Nature’s offering is limitless, so is human’s ability to take, however, if man could balance his/her give and take, then perhaps he/she be able to appreciate “Nature-Differently”.
Like man, Nature mass produces to maintain its balances, however, man’s mass production depends on Nature’s reproduction.

“Changing Nature’s Course”
When humans began valuing earthly gifts in monetary values, trading and bartering in secondary man made materials.
Perhaps, Man’s separation from Nature began when the mass population numbers increased larger and larger, making adjustments to compensate to its own needs, assuming only man has the ability to provide for his needs, thus, separating from the nature that was once nutritional to his survival.
Both Man and Nature must reproduce to survive, “Nature survival kit” contains its own resources to reproduce, however, “Man’s reproduction resources come from Nature, thus, weakening the Nature’s ability to sustain a reproduction balance.
Perhaps, It’s not the act of the magic that captures the audience’s imagination, rather, the impossibility of the act, thus audiences’ appreciate the actor’s ability to perform an impossible task, “whether be” art, music, science, clergical, political or medical.
“Language is both the sweetest of all human offering to one another and the worst, we use language to show appreciation and to deceive, to love and to hate, to win and to lose.
Though denied, humans have made the choice of their priority to existence over all the other species.

You see of wisdom did I sow
And with my own hands walked to make it grow,
And this was all the harvest that I reeked
From airs I came, Like wind I go


About Ron Boothe

I am a Professor Emeritus at Emory University, currently living in Tacoma Washington USA.
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2 Responses to Haikus and images inspired by Spell of the Sensuous

  1. Ron Boothe says:

    For Book Club Members
    A sensuous spell was cast.
    Thank you Jim Robbins

  2. Jim Robbins says:

    Taste of September First

    Figs in the morning
    Fresh picked from host’s fruit filled tree.
    Blue cheese, scholars, brew.

    And thank you Ron for you kind words and appetite for exciting new ideas. Jim Robbins

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