STIFF, “The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers”

“Life & Living”, “Death & Dying”, “Man vs. Nature”, “Science vs. Spirituality”,


What does become of us after we die? No one can for sure guarantee the outcome of “Death or Thereafter”, seeking answers of the humanness perhaps is man’s greatest challenge to his survival.

STIFF, a biological information book, written by “Mary Roach” brings to light the understanding of human body and it’s functionality, the author humorously describes the scientific research of human cadavers from it’s beginning to present day, rewarding it’s readers an insight look into anatomy labs, body snatchers, grave diggers, murder for hire, and the ever competing world of medical research.

The book unlocks answers to many of life’s biological questions, describing sacrifices, persistence and experiments of those who came before, displaying the extremities of scientific research and personal aspirations in the name of science or profit.

How is one to decide the morals and the ethics in his/her search for life’s many wonders and questions? What are man’s life objectives? What is the human soul and does the soul have a substance? Do other living species have souls? How do our body parts play a role in creating the soul? And what happens when our body parts are replaced with that of someone else’ donated parts? Does the soul have a resting place in the body or instead diffused throughout?

However, man’s life objectives are understood, there is one element that should clearly not be denied, “Human beings are capable re-creators”.

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