February 2010 Selection: “The Away Place”

At our February 3, 2010 meeting we will discuss the following book suggested by Mohsen Mirghanbari:

Ruth Tiger, The Away Place, Eloquent Books, 2009

Mohsen provides the following information about this selection:
The Away Place, by Ruth Tiger, is available for purchase at the
following websites:





Visit the author’s website at:


We will also discuss our read on Wednesday, February 3rd, at the
Satellite Coffee, inside Masa Restaurant, corner of 6th & Pine.
The author Ruth Tiger has agreed to join us briefly sharing her
personal book writing insight, please note that there will be no
critiquing during her visit, just the acquaintance and experience
getting to know an author first hand. Mohsen


About Ron Boothe

I am a Professor Emeritus at Emory University, currently living in Tacoma Washington USA.
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One Response to February 2010 Selection: “The Away Place”

  1. The Away Place, set in the early 1970’s, involves two interwoven stories, the story of John Cohen, an adult with Down Syndrome, and his Struggle to live a “normal” life as he emerges from a state institution, and the story of Sarah Richardson, the idealistic doctoral student who both fights for the rights of the disabled and tries to right a wrong her mother committed….. As for my selection, I became inspired after meeting Ruth Tiger a local author through my wife. I also feel connection between “The Away Place” and Bill Hagen’s November read of “Heath-Care”. I have invited the author to present a synopses of her book at our February discussion, hoping we learn first-hand the writer’s inspiration and motivation.

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